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Webcast of PNEAC Videoconference on 4/27/00

If you are unable to attend the PNEAC videoconference in person, consider attending via the Internet.

What?  High-Performance Flexo:  Printing with a Cleaner, Greener Image videoconference
When?  April 27, 2000; 9:30AM - NOON Central;
                        10:30 - 1:00 PM Eastern
Where?  To attend in person see list of downlink sites at www.pneac.org
                To view Webcast, see http://www.greenworkschannel.org/events/printers_telecon.htm

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will be Webcasting the videoconference via the GreenWorks channel and is graciously allowing access from interested individuals and organizations across the world.  If you are near a downlink site in the U.S. or Canada, PNEAC strongly encourages you to attend at one of these locations where you will receive the best video quality, state-specific briefings, and opportunities to network with resources and peers.  If, however you do not live near a downlink site, consider viewing via the web.

The videoconference will be Webcast using video streaming.  To view, you must have the RealPlayer viewer, available as a free download.  If you plan to view via Webcasting, visit the GreenWorks channel as soon as possible to review technical requirements and to test your ability to receive video streaming via the GreenWorks site.

I have attached a note below from the GreenWorks Channel's coordinating producer regarding logistics and technical support.  If you are considering participating in the Webcast, we strongly urge you to visit the GreenWorks channel today or tomorrow (4/25 or 4/26) to test your software and hardware configurations. 

Please note that PNEAC is unable to provide technical support for the GreenWorks Channel's Webcast of the videoconference.

We hope you are able to participate in this now global educational opportunity!


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Hi Wayne!

Regarding your questions on the web cast:
Yes, people anywhere should be able to tune in to the event.
They will need to download the RealPlayer software and install it first.
They will also need to register to "attend" (see the web cast). This feature
will be available on the web page the morning of the event (you don't see it
up there now).
They can get help with any technical problems they may encounter while
viewing through Technical Support on the GreenWorks Channel.
You might want to encourage folks to download the player and experiment well
ahead of time to make sure it works properly. Usually it is pretty
straightforward. But if your primary audience is one that will most likely
work in a networked environment, they may have some technical problems that
can pop up due to corporate firewall/security issues. They will then want to
make sure their own IT department can resolve those things in advance of the

Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions!

Christine C. Milbank
Coordinating Producer, www.GreenWorksChannel.org
A project of the Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania
(215) 545-5880

Wayne P. Pferdehirt
Director, MEPP, http://epdweb.engr.wisc.edu/mepp/
Co-Director, PNEAC  http://www.pneac.org
Specialist, SHWEC, http://www.uwex.edu/shwec/
tel 608.265.2361
fax 608.262.6250