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RE: Paint gun washing and metal cleaning

n-Methyl Pyrollidone is a pretty good solvent for paints, it is sometimes
used in hot strippers.  It evaporates very slowly, that could be a drawback.
A terpene/hydrocarbon blended material might work also.  Sounds difficult
for aqueous chemistry unless the paint is water based.  

Phil Bevilacqua	

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>Does anyone have an idea of what can be substituted for lacquer thinner 
>that is used for cleaning paint guns and steel parts that will be 
>painted.  I have a business that contacted me who would like to 
>eliminate/reduce their VOC emissions and HAPs from paint gun cleaning 
>operations and metal cleaning (predominantly steel).
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Athey et al. described a paint gun cleaning system designed to reduce by 75 
% the amount of solvent needed to clean the equipment :

Athey, C.; Hester, C.; McLaughlin, M.; Neulicht, R.M.; Turner, M.B. (1988) 
Reduction of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Automotive 
Refinishing. Control
Technology Center; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-450/3-88-009), 
Research Triangle Park, N.C. (NTIS No. PB-89-148282)

For metal cleaning before painting, try the Solvent Alternatives Guide 
(SAGE) : http://sage.rti.org/
and the Parts Cleaning Web site : http://www.partscleaningweb.com/index.cfm

Consider aqueous cleaning : 


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