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PVC: Baxter Publishes on Alternatives

Title: PVC: Baxter Publishes on Alternatives
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Posted: 04/26/2000  By  Joe.Di.Gangi@dialb.greenpeace.org    
Med Device Technol 1999 Oct;10(8):18-23
The quest for high temperature flexible polymers.

Woo L
Baxter Healthcare Inc., Round Lake, Illinois 60073, USA.

A unique set of material properties is needed to meet the special
requirements of the medical market. Flexible poly (vinyl chloride),
which has occupied a pre-eminent position for nearly half a century, is
increasingly being challenged by newer and more advanced polymer
systems. Several propylene-based elastomers with low crystallinities
are promising to be the dominant medical materials of the future. This
article discusses one company's actual experiences in utilizing these
new materials in medical applications.

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