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Healthy Indoor Air website

Hello everyone,

We have had our Healthy Indoor Air for America's Homes Program website up
and running now for a few years, but it recently received a major facelift
and we wanted to let you know about it.  Although our information might not
be "P2" in the strictest sense of the words, our website still contains
valuable information for consumers to help them improve their home's indoor
air quality -- whether it's reducing pollution from formaldehyde, lead,
radon, carbon monoxide, or many other indoor air contaminants.

So please check out our site when you have a spare moment.  The address is:

Have a good day,
Kevin McMindes, Project Coordinator

Kevin McMindes
Montana State University Extension Service
Taylor Hall, 304		  (888) MSU-6872 (toll-free in MT)
Bozeman, MT  59717-3580	  (406) 994-3451
Fax: (406) 994-5417	  E-mail: mcmindes@montana.edu

Healthy Indoor Air for America's Homes: http://www.montana.edu/wwwcxair