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Re: P2 in food prep and disposal and industrial laundry atprisons

The MDEQ website has some online P2 publications regarding your subjects:
"Food Industry Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction"


and a fact sheet, "Restaurant P2 and waste reduction" at the same address.  

There is a regulatory guidebook for the Fabricare industry (found under EAD guidebooks). I'm not sure whether or not there's P2 though.

 >>> <Gaithermj@aol.com> 05/04 11:26 AM >>>
Looking for good reference material or experts to contact on P2 for 
institutions, related to foodservice and laundry.

i.e., in-vessel food composting at prisons
    disposable dishes vs. reusables and washing
    ways to minimize food (solid and liquid) waste

    energy -efficiency and water conservation specific to food or laundry.  

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Michelle Gaither

Jenna Latt
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
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