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Heat treating salts

Although I do love you all, this is NOT about a virus.

I am seeking information and ideas on what can be done with spent molten
heat treating salts.
My understanding of the process is that the molten salt, typically potassium
nitrate (hopefully not a cyanide salt), is used to case harden metal.  Once
the molten salt is spent it is poured into 55 gallon drums, allowed to cool
and solidify and disposed of as a hazardous waste. I don't believe the salts
are pure, I expect that there is probably metal dissolved in the salts as
well.  Otherwise why would it be considered spent? Does anybody have any
alternative uses for this byproduct?  Can it be purified and reused? I know
the P2 solution is to convert to alternative processes for heat treating
such as fluidized bed furnaces, but the immediate concern is with the salt
waste. Any suggestions would be appreciated.