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Virus Situation

Now that I have returned to the office and read the conversation going back 
and forth, as the administrator and moderator of this listserv I would like 
to address this situation.  By now I think everyone has realized that there 
was an unfortunate situation out of our control related to the virus.  Now 
that apologies have been sent and things are starting to calm down I would 
like to address the content of these messages.

We want to protect the value and integrity of this listserv and I want to 
remind everyone of appropriate listserv behavior.  At this time we have no 
plans to remove anyone from this listserv, however fowl language and 
personal attacks are not acceptable for this environment.  We are all 
professionals here and I doubt we will ever have to address this, however 
IF this does happen again we will remove the individual from the listserv.

I apologize for this unfortunate incident, particularly to Christine.  In 
response to this situation we are looking into additional filtering 
mechanisms and preventive measures for all of the listservs maintained by 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  Please reply 
personally, NOT to the entire listserv.  And have a NICE Week-End!	

Deb Jacobson
Debra Jacobson (formerly Kramer)
E-mail Address djacobso@wmrc.uiuc.edu
IL Waste Management & Research Center / IL Dept of Natural Resources
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GLPPR http://www.glrppr.uiuc.edu
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