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ATTN: List Serve Update

Hello P2tech subscribers;

In light of the recent message exchange due to the unfortunate "ILOVEYOU"
virus, I feel that this is an appropriate time to remind everyone of a
particular list serve policies that maintain the professionalism and
effectiveness of this list.

List Serve Etiquette:
ALL MESSAGES should be:
- Courteous (message content is not screened by the list manager before
being posted to all list members)
- Relevant (to p2 technical assistance professionals)
- Posted to the entire list ONLY when beneficial to the entire 500
subscribers of this national list

And, REMEMBER: All list serve concerns should be directed to the list
manager <listman@wmrc.uiuc.edu>, even when the concern is with an
individual member.

List Serve Structure:
The p2tech list serve is:
1. Sponsored by USEPA OPPT
2. Maintained/Managed by WMRC (List Manager)
3. Housed/supported/technical assistance by the Great Lakes Information
Network, GLIN (GLIN is great-lakes.net)

The three facets work cooperatively to provide you with a forum for
discussion related to p2 technical assistance.  Please be assured that we
implement the best available protection against known viruses as it is made
available in order to provide a secure environment. 

Thank you for your participation.

Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
IL. Waste Management 
& Research Center