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calcining of metals

Ohio EPA is meeting with a company, on May 17, 2000.   The purpose of the meeting is to provide the company with information on Agency permitting requirements on a proposed calcining facility.   If there are any pollution prevention suggestions specific to calcining we would like to share them at the meeting.  I do not yet know what metals will be involved at the proposed plant.  I do know that the company has an existing calciner which processes red iron oxide, black iron oxide, copper, nickel, titanium, molybdenum, tungsten, rare earth, cobalt, magnesium, and aluminum.   At the meeting I will ask what metals they plan to work with in the new plant.  Unfortunately I don't have anymore  specific info on the proposed facility.   

I have searched several website websites for P2 info on calcining I have not come up with much other than the mention of calcining in the EPA sector notebook on metal fabrication.   Put very simply, calcining is the heating of metals and other materials to separate desirable constituents from undesirable ones.  Does anyone know of any websites or information that may assist this company in looking at P2 options?    

Please cc your replies to donna.goodman@epa.stae.oh.us


Helen Miller
Environmental Specialist
Ohio EPA
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