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Re: calcining of metals

Helen & Donna -
I do not have experience with this process, but based upon the chemical 
engineering books I referenced this process uses either a continuous or 
periodic kiln which is fired by gas, coal, oil or electricity.  Upon 
further reference some kiln operators use recovered materials with a BTU 
value as a fuel as well.  One area of opportunity may be the energy 
efficiency of the kiln.

I have forwarded your inquiry to a co-worker who may have some additional 

Debra Jacobson

At 07:41 AM 05/09/2000 -0400, Helen Miller wrote:
>Ohio EPA is meeting with a company, on May 17, 2000.   The purpose of the 
>meeting is to provide the company with information on Agency permitting 
>requirements on a proposed calcining facility.   If there are any 
>pollution prevention suggestions specific to calcining we would like to 
>share them at the meeting.  I do not yet know what metals will be involved 
>at the proposed plant.  I do know that the company has an existing 
>calciner which processes red iron oxide, black iron oxide, copper, nickel, 
>titanium, molybdenum, tungsten, rare earth, cobalt, magnesium, and 
>aluminum.   At the meeting I will ask what metals they plan to work with 
>in the new plant.  Unfortunately I don't have anymore  specific info on 
>the proposed facility.
>I have searched several website websites for P2 info on calcining I have 
>not come up with much other than the mention of calcining in the EPA 
>sector notebook on metal fabrication.   Put very simply, calcining is the 
>heating of metals and other materials to separate desirable constituents 
>from undesirable ones.  Does anyone know of any websites or information 
>that may assist this company in looking at P2 options?
>Please cc your replies to donna.goodman@epa.stae.oh.us
>Helen Miller
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>Ohio EPA
>Office of Pollution Prevention
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