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More Virus Information

As we know, the "I Love You" virus has affected millions of computers. It
has been reported that there are several variations of this virus being
spread. Some of the spin-offs are listed below:

The "Subject" line includes these words:

* Mother's Day Confirmation Order
* Loveletter
* Lithuanian
* Very Funny
* Bugfix
* Mother's Day
* Virus Warning
* Virus ALERT!!!
* No Comments
* Important Read Carefully

Symantec is warning their customers that they have not sent out a message
with the title "Virus Alert".
If you receive this message, it should be deleted at once. This "Virus
Alert" virus deletes .bat and .com files.

Another variation of the "I Love You" virus is the "Mother's Day Virus."
This virus has the subject line titled "Mother's Day Confirmation Order."
With Mother's Day around the corner, and thousands of people ordering gifts
online, this virus is likely to fool many people into opening it. This
email urges the recipient to examine the attached invoice carefully and
save it. If you are waiting on a confirmation on something you ordered, be
sure to look at the author before opening.

This new virus overrides and deletes .bat and .ini files, and can cause
serious damage, preventing you from booting up your system. Not only is
this virus dangerous to systems, but it is easy for someone to alter the
source code, change a few words and launch a new strain.

Since these viruses appear and mutate so rapidly, it is virtually
impossible for any software company to be able to detect these before they
actually appear. The good news is that many companies are on top of these
viruses and have staff who create protection against them rather quickly.

You should update your anti-virus software frequently, so that you always
have the most current protection.