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Fwd: Re: Yeast manufacture

Most yeast manufacturers get their fructose nutrient source from waste
syrup from Coca-Cola and Pepsi.  These products have phosphoric acid in
them along with a few flavorings.  This may be the source of your
phosphorus.  Ask the yeast manufacturer is they use any "recycled"
feedstocks and then act surprised when they mention one of your favorite

BOB Pojasek

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>I would think the phosphorus is from (a) the nutrient feed for the yeast,
(b) the degradation of yeast cells particulary during wastewater treatment,
and (c) cleaning solutions.

>>>> Cindy McComas <mccom003@tc.umn.edu> 05/09 11:05 AM >>>
>I have a site visit to a yeast plant in a couple of weeks.  They seem to be 
>a large source of phosphorus to the wastewater treatment plant (60-70 mg/L) 
>in their effluent.  The wastewater treatment plant will soon have to meet 
>their own effluent limit of 1 mg/L P.  Does anyone know what the source 
>might be?
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