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Re: Silver Recovery Units

Both Cepac, Inc (716-382-3223) in Leicester, NY and 
Environmental Solutions, Inc. (617-746-7470) in Yazoo City, MI sell
"trickle tank" type silver recovery units, sized for dental offices in 
the $ 150-300 range, with replaceable cartridges (which can be 
sent out for silver recovery), handling around 300-700 gallons of 
fixer, depending on model, per cartridge (~$70 ea.).  There are 
probably other vendors as well, but these are the ones I know of 
that are priced/sized reasonably enough for dental offices.

From:           	"Marlyn Aguilar" <maguilar@eha.health.state.hi.us>
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Date sent:      	Wed, 10 May 2000 11:54:20 GMT-10
Subject:        	Silver Recovery Units
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> Hi All!
> I am working with some dentists on developing P2 for their practices. 
> They are mainly concerned with fixer from their xray machines.  
> Many of them are really small practices and don't generate a whole 
> lot of fixer.  A bunch them want to "share" a silver recovery unit.  
> But there would be HW concerns about transporting, etc.  Does anyone 
> know if there is a portable silver recovery unit that can be 
> transported between dentists?  That way they wouldn't have to be 
> concerned about transporting the fixer just the machine.  Or if 
> anyone knows if there is another way this could be done I would 
> appreciate it.   
> Thanks in advance!! 
> Marlyn Aguilar
> Hawaii Dept of Health
> Waste Minimization Coordinator

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