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My apologies

NOTE: This message was originally sent to the list on 5/8/00, but was
bounced around and finally returned to me. I have now reposted it. 

I would like to apologize for inadvertently sending the virus on to this =
listserve.  I never did actually open the attachment, but deleted it =
upon receipt.  Because I did not hit Shift-Delete to remove it entirely =
from my system, and later rebooted my computer, the virus was able to =
wreak its havoc.  It was a good lesson to learn, albeit in a rather =
painful manner (for everyone involved). =20

I also sent out a Precaution! message to everyone on my e-mail =
distribution list when I found out what had happened.  I'm not certain =
it made it to this listserve, since I have been Shift-deleting so many =
things this morning.  I again offer my apologies...I was on vacation =
Friday, or would have responded more quickly.

Christine Twait