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Re: P2 RFPs for Universities?

We don't have any RFPs lying about (I think once
the proposal is in the can we tend to avoid
reminders of the pain), but I can offer some
comments from a contractor's point of view.

--Specify results rather than approach
It may be that audits are not a good answer, or
only a partial answer, if what is needed is
implementation of alternatives.  A good contractor
could take a statement of objective like:
"Identify and evaluate alternatives to current
systems, materials and processes that have the
potential to achieve at least x% ROI and y%
reduction in use or waste generation" and pick
appropriate tools to get there.  (This is just an

--Describe deliverables in detail, but leave room
for negotiation
So many variables are not known until a project is
underway.  The utmost confidence in data
availability and data quality can disintegrate
into despair over blown budgets very quickly when
records can't be found and testing is too

--Provide some criteria for making decisions about
how far to go and what can safely be ignored
Usually there are some "hot buttons": hazardous
waste; use of toxic materials; overall management
cost; the list goes on.  The RFP will be better if
the top one or two can be discussed in advance and
stated clearly.

--Preproposals are an efficient way to sort out
approaches and find holes in the RFP if it is a
big project
These can be short (less than two pages) and let
contractors show what they can do without throwing
away a lot of marketing dollars OR their best

--Old sayings about balancing the main three
project elements
Fast + Cheap does not equal Good
Fast + Good does not equal Cheap
Good + Cheap does not equal Fast

Good Luck!

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Subject: P2 RFPs for Universities?

> Hi -
> I am working with a university that wants to
conduct comprehensive P2 audits for
> a wide range of operations and facilities
(everything from labs to hospitals to
> fleet maintenance operations). They want to hire
an experienced contractor, but
> because they are not that sophisticated in P2,
they want suggestions on wording
> the RFP so they can get a good quality product.
They don't have a big
> environmental staff, so they would be relying on
the contractor to both evaluate
> opportunities and make specific recommendations
on implementation.
> Can anyone provide me with examples of RFPs for
P2 audits, preferrably from a
> university or college setting, or alternately
from some other large institution
> with very diverse operations? Thanks in advance.
> John Katz
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> EPA Region 9
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