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Re: Tile grout assistance

>From recent, painful experience I know that it's
standard to require at least 1-1/4 inches of wood
substrate beneath ceramic tile.  A better substrate
would reduce warping and hence the cracking during

--- Judith Wlodarczyk <jwlodarc@connstep.org> wrote:
> CONN/STEP has a client that manufacturers hearth
> pads upon which to place wood
> stoves, pellet stoves, and gas applicances.  The
> pads average in size from 41" X
> 41" to 56" X 56".  The base is a 3/4" high density
> particle board substrate.
> Ceramic or slate tiles are applied to the substrate
> with an acrylic  adhesive.
> The final step is to apply grout into the 3/8" to
> 1/4" grooves between the
> tiles.   We need help finding a new grout.  The
> existing grout is an epoxy which
> is hazardous and causing skin problems to the
> workers.  While a latex is more
> user friendly, it cracks with the handling during
> the various shipping stages .
> Can anyone direct us to a vendor or a specific grout
> that will withstand
> cracking but doesn't have the EH&S implications?
> Thank you,
> Judy Wlodarczyk
> 8 Two Mile Road
> Farmington, CT 06032
> 860-644-9718 (ph)
> 860-507-5659 (fax)

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