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P2 in Disaster clean-ups

To the List Serve,

As many folks know, New Mexico is experiencing a major catastrophe with the 
recent wild fires in the Los Alamos area (which are still burning).  My 
agency, the state environmental agency, is now developing clean-up and 
control approaches to implement as soon as areas are deemed safe.  
Fortunately, they want to incorporate pollution prevention in their planning 
approaches, as much clean up is anticipated.  Clean up issues include 
construction and burn debris from damaged or destroyed buildings, increased 
erosion of contaminated soils from areas under remediation or scheduled for 
remediation(low levels of mixed haz or rad contaminants) into nearby streams, 
and increased general erosion rates from devegetation of steep rocky slopes.

As many folks on this list serve have experienced natural disasters, I am 
looking for guidance to share with my agency to be sure to include prevention 
in these clean-up plans from the beginning and hopefully reduce further harm 
to the environment.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Pat Gallagher
New Mexico Environment Department