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RE: Computer Disposal

There is a company called Global Recycling Services that recycles all sorts
of computers and electronic equipment, in addition to a variety of other
materials.  They evidently have transportation networks established
nationwide for movement of materials to be recycled.  I recently met one of
their reps, Marissa Frishetti, who gave me info for one of their

Keith Boyea
Global Recycling Technologies, Inc.
218 Canton Street
Stoughton, MA 02072
p: 781/341-6080 x 219
f: 781/341-6088

Hope this helps!

Kim Mihalik
Environmental Engineer
11251 Roger Bacon Dr.
Reston VA 20190-5232
ph: 703/318-4594
fax: 703/736-0826
email: kimberly.d.mihalik@saic.com