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RE: Computer Disposal

There's a company near Research Triangle Park NC that recycles computer
monitors. I'm sure they don't' use all the components, but they recover the
more valuable ones. I believe their machine is proprietary or somehow novel
--- they have a special machine & enclosuer to safely cut the glass off the
monitor so they can get at the insides.

I believe that firms pay this company to accept their old monitors, and the
motivation is concern about contaminating landfills (i.e., future liability,
or corporate responsibility policies). 

I can try to dig up a name if you want to talk to these guys. Contact me off
list for that.

Melissa Malkin Weber
Research Triangle Institute
Pollution Prevention Program
POB 12194, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA
ph: (919) 541 6154 fx: (919) 541 7155


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Subject: Computer Disposal

Hello all,

Does anyone have any information on companies who recycle materials from
computer stations (monitor, keyboard, desktop case, motherboard, and
accessories)?  Other than landfill, what options are there?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Jeff Senn
Sigma Environmental Services, Inc.