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Re: Computer Disposal

As part of an SEP agreement, the operator of a local landfill worked 
with a regional solid waste management district and others to 
collect CPUs, monitors and peripherals. People were charged 5$ 
per component and the computer equipment was sent to Vermont 
Retro-Works, a company formed by a Community Action group. 
They rehabilitate computers to the greatest extent possible and 
demanufacture the remainder, brokering components to others who 
might be able to use them. Nothing goes to Third World salvors 
and at least 50%, or 1500 lbs of the PVC plastics get recycled (at 
a cost). The effort serves to keep computers and components 
(espy. CRTs) out of the landfill and helps to reduce the size of the 
digital divide. Rehabed computers are sold for as little as $75.


Hello all,

Does anyone have any information on companies who recycle materials from
computer stations (monitor, keyboard, desktop case, motherboard, and
accessories)?  Other than landfill, what options are there?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Jeff Senn
Sigma Environmental Services, Inc.

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