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Re: spray painting instructor

One person that I am aware of is Rick Bauer.  He works out of the Indiana
Manufacturing and Safe Materials Institute which is located at Purdue
University.  The phone number that I have is (765) 494-6450.

I have not worked with him, but have heard success stories as a result of the
services they provide.

Hope this helps.

Todd Bigelow
Hillenbrand Industries
700 St. Rt. 46 E
Batesville, IN 47006

"Mihalik, Kimberly D." <KIMBERLY.D.MIHALIK@saic.com> on 05/18/2000 02:02:33 PM

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Subject:  spray painting instructor


Does anyone know the name of the man who teaches spray painting workshops
for commercial painters?  I've heard his classes greatly improve the
efficiency of painters, particularly when working with HVLP guns.  I
remember reading his name in the acknowledgement section of an EPA report,
but can't recall it.  Help!

Thanks -- Kim
Kim Mihalik
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