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RE: soaps for oil/water separators

The Naval Civil Engineering Lab tested a number of degreasers for use in 
cleaning bilges and ship tanks, to minimize the quantity of oily wastewater 
generated.  Results were published as a technical note, the full citation 

T. Torres (1991)  Nonpersistent Emulsifying Degreaser Test Results.  NCEL 
Technical Note N-1824.  Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port Hueneme, 

The report contains a listing of all the degreasers tested, and their 
performance in the tests conducted.  It can be obtained from the Naval 
Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port Hueneme, CA 93043-5003.


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Subject:	soaps for oil/water separators

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a soap that would be compatible with an oil/water
separator.  The soap will be used by an equipment rental company to clean
off their trucks, forklifts, backhoes, etc.  They have installed a wash 
with a below grade, gravity type oil water separator.  I know that some
soaps emulsify oils and are therefore incompatible with oil/water
separators.  I also know that other soaps are available that quickly 
oil after cleaning, allowing the oil to float (separate) in the oil/water

What I am looking for is specific product information, ingredients, etc. 
the "quick-release" type soaps.

It is possible that the business may choose to clean using only water, but 
would like to offer them other solutions if they just HAVE to have a soap.
As always, any information you can send my way would be greatly 
Thank you. -Tracy Wyhlidko

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