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die press cleaning - metal stamping operations

Dear P2Tech:

High-speed soft metal stamping operations often spray mineral spirits onto their die presses for removing degraded (i.e. gummy) stamping oil fouling their dies with metal fines.  The mineral spirits dissolves the gummy oil and washes the fines out of the dies.  There has been some health and safety concerns expressed regarding this practice.  Does anyone know of alternative lubricants, solvents, or stamping equipment that can address this practice?  Can anyone suggest potential metal fabrication experts to contact for assistance? (I'm still trying to reach MnTAP).

Additional Notes - Hand wiping and scrubbing are not options. Water based lubricants appear to be inappropriate for this company's die equipment.  SAGE recommends surfactants or steam.  The following documents (among others) were reviewed (listed below for the benefits of others) with the only noted suggestion being borax soap or a hot lime bath as the lubricant:

Thank you in advance,

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