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Re: Looking for refs. to P2/Source Red. in Sewer Use Regs.


You may wish to look at some of the publications by the city of Palo Alto and specifically under Industry. The site is http://www.city.palo-alto.ca.us/cleanbay/publications.html. If you wish to talk to people, Kelly Moran, who worked in the department, may be able to give names and phone numbers. She can be reached at kmoran@tdcenvironmental.com.

Hope this helps.

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>>> "Lynda Rankin" <RANKINLX@gov.ns.ca> 05/23/00 11:05AM >>>
Hi all: 

Doing a little research - wonder if you can help me out ? 

I'm looking for municipal sewer use legislation that addresses P2 planning and/or Source Reduction.   

Any examples of legislation that requires P2 planning or  that identifies P2 as a goal or principle in the introductory sections would be very useful.  To date the only example I have found is the City of Toronto. 

Thanks in advance for help you can provide.


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