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RE: mercury mining request

Title: FW: mercury mining request
The U.S. Geological Survey publishes Mineral Commodity Summaries which include mining production levels.  You may access the 1999 Mercury Summary at: http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/commodity/mercury/430399.pdf
Spain is by far the leading producer, with 1998 production levels estimated at 1000 tons.

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FYI to the below question which is forwarded from a listserv.

Please respond to:  Victoria A. Jas@hitchcock.org and NOT me (don't reply to this message  to provide an answer).
>I am writing a presentation on mercury and wanted to include some mercury
>life-cycle stuff.
>Have you got anything on mining of mercury?  I need to get some details on
>where the best areas for mining currently are on the globe, and the
>methods used for extracting it.  
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