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Construction management

Thought we might be able to help with this...
REPLY DIRECTLY TO:  svenhanne@topmail.de

Hey everyone, good morning from New Zealand.

I am currently writing my Masters Thesis on Source Separation of
Construction Materials at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. I know
that the US are ahead in this field and that there has been done a lot to
prevent reusable and recyclable materials from going to landfills. I am
trying to get my hands on as many Waste Reduction Handbooks and other
educational material in the field as I can. Another interesting aspect is
source reduction, i.e. how can I build the same while buying less materials.
Aspects are things like the reduction of wastage on site and better storage
conditions for the materials, so that they don't get damaged and cause huge
off-cuts or are thrown out right away. We are hardly at a point yet where we
could influence designers to change design (it is definitely not possible in
the scope of my thesis).

One more thing: I am looking at designing a web based database that is
supposed to contain:
1. Background information (why should waste be reduced)
2. Legal language for contracts (how do you get the contractors and
subcontractors to reduce waste)
3. Material Database (possibility for people or companies to advertise for
wanted and unwanted materials)
4. Business Database (informing people who to call for which recycling
services or materials)

If you know of any pages that do related things anywhere around the world,
could you please send me a link or an email address, also, if you have
suggestions what else I could include, it would be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot, Sven

REPLY DIRECTLY TO:  svenhanne@topmail.de

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