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RE: dentists who have pledged to go Hg-free?

You may want to log on to the American Dental Association web site at www.ada.org. They have a great deal of information on this topic. You will need to use their search feature to pull it all together.

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At 02:35 PM 6/1/00 -0400, Andy Bray wrote:
I apologize for the delayed response, but I came across a reference that may be of interest.  There is a website for a mercury-free dental care practice in Norcross, Georgia.  (http://www.rmd-mercuryfree.com/index.htm)  The website makes a strong argument against mercury amalgams.  The website does not contain a listing of other mercury-free practices, but they may be aware of such a listing.
As an aside, my own dentist does not use mercury amalgams.  His choice to do so, however, was not due to environmental or human health concerns, but based solely on him feeling that composites are stronger and longer lasting.  He does not advertise as being mercury free, and I am guessing this is the case with many other dentists.  This may be why finding such a listing is difficult. 

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Subject: dentists who have pledged to go Hg-free?
I received the below query; can anyone help her?

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Hi Stephanie,

My name is Katie LeBel and I am the public relations manager for Recycline, a company that makes a recyclable toothbrush from recycled materials.  I am compiling a list of "alternative" dental professionals and wondering if you also have a list of dentists who have pledged to go mercury free.  Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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