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Fwd: Paint For Sale

I was contacted by a company with a surplus of paint they are trying to 
find a home for.  If anyone knows of a potential outlet or a material 
exchange program that might be able to help them out, please contact them 
directly at the contact information listed in the email below.

Thank You,

Jim Baker
Michigan Technological University

>From: Bowerson Mary <BowersonM@dottind.com>
>To: "'jrbaker@mtu.edu'" <jrbaker@mtu.edu>
>Subject: Paint For Sale
>Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 16:28:35 -0400
>X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2650.21)
>I need to sell the following items.  I have all the MSDS
>paper work that is needed if any of your contacts will need this
>information.  It is impossible to retype everything from the MSDS sheets.
>So if needed please give me the a fax number and I will fax the information
>to the company / person.  Here is the follow items that need to be sold:
>Description                     Qty On Hand by gallons
>Black 97153 2KB                 41.50
>Clear 2000 2KC                  205.75
>Silver 83293 2KB                        11.50
>Clearcoat 2K 1008 2KB           31.50
>Conductive Primer P67331-1      17.50
>Argent Silver 85044-Q-106               15.50
>Spruce 95151CC 2KB              6.00
>37-43 Black Gloss 201SL23258    10.00
>Grey Argent 201SL23285          24.00
>I am looking to sell all of these products by the middle of June.  If you
>need any other information on any of the products please let me know.  I
>would like to get a response by June 9, 2000.  I want to thank you for 
>your help.  To contact please call Mary Bowerson @ Deco Plate 810-667-3460 
>ext. 330 or 810-667-3571 by fax or E-Mail me at bowersonm@dottind.com.
>Mary Bowerson