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Dental Office Mercury Data

P2Techs -

We are continuing to work on the study of mercury releases from dental
offices.  Our results so far are posted on the City of Palo Alto


At present we are looking into the fate of amalgam waste that is
collected by a dental office vacuum system, and have these questions to
ask you:

	[1]	Do you have any data on the amounts of amalgam 
		captured in vacuum eductor systems?

	[2]	Are dental vacuum lines disinfected?

	[3]	What disinfectants (bleach, phenolics, quaternary 
		ammonium chlorides, etc.) are used, and at what 

	[4]	How often is this disinfection typically done?

	[5]	Do any of the disinfectants, bleach in particular, 
		dissolve mercury from the waste amalgam?

	[6]	Do you have any data that show how much mercury is
		in bleach?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Thomas Barron, PE
Civil Engineer
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