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Re: Stoddard Solvent Substitute

At 13:32 05/06/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello to all,
>I am looking for a substitute for stoddard solvent (mineral spirits).  The
>solvent is used to "rough" clean parts after machining processes and is
used as
>a temporary rust preventative.  Further cleaning processes occur later in the
>manufacturing process.  Current practice is to dispose of the spent
solvent as a
>hazardous waste due to flash point.   Are there solvents available having
>flash points which can serve the same purpose?  Any information will be
>Thank you in advance,
>Jeff Senn
>Sigma Environmental Services


You could try SoyGold, a methyl soyate (CAS No. 67784-80-9) from soybean
oil which can be used to replace mineral spirits for degreasing metal
parts.  See : http://www.soygold.com/

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