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RE: Ozone precursors

Almost all organic solvents are consider photochemically reactive at ground 
level.  The specific compounds not reactive are listed in the VOC 
Web address = 
Pargraph "s".
VOC's are defined by what is excluded.
Common solvents that are VOCs and DO contribute to smog are 
trichloroethylene, MEK, Xylene, Toluene etc.

Common solvents that do NOT contribute to smog are  methylene chloride, 
perchloroethylene and acetone

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At ground level, ozone (O3) is formed by a series of reactions, including 
sunlight, involving VOCs combining with NOx. VOC and NOx are called ozone 
Does anyone know what solvent cleaners/degreasers are considered ozone 
precursors and photochemically reactive for forming ground level ozone?

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