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Re: Public Water System P2


Attached (wordperfect file) is "Summary of P2 Opportunities for Public Water Supply Systems" our office put together primarily to support the use of P2 supplemental environmental projects (P2SEPs) 
in cases involving PWS systems.  It's only one page (11 items), but I think it is a pretty good summary.


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>>> <FITZGERALD.Marianne@deq.state.or.us> 06/14/00 06:44PM >>>
I am working with our agency's Wellhead Protection program regarding P2 for
public water supplies.  

We are familiar with EPA's sector guide for local governments, as well as
much of the work done with POTW's.  We also have a lot of information
regarding sectors that might affect wellhead protection areas (such as auto
repair and dry cleaning), so I'm not asking for basic P2 information.  I've
also checked the P2 tech archives and don't recall seeing much on this
specific topic.  But if any of you have worked with public water supply
system operators and have some helpful hints regarding P2 incentives, or
assistance, I would appreciate it!  


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