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RE: Acetone use in Beauty/Nail Salons

The discharge of acetone to the sewer system is legal, if & only if the 
facility has a permit from the local Approval Authority (POTW) to do so and 
they remain in compliance with the conditions of the permit.  However, they 
cannot use clean water to 'flush' the drain.  The 'dilution prohibition' in 
40 CFR 403 precludes this option.  However, they could flush the sink w/ 
water from hand washing or hair washing.

Why do they have to use a 'cup' of acetone to clean the nails?  Is it 
possible to spray the acetone on the nail and use a 'tooth brush' to remove 
the polish? This would reduce the volume of acetone they purchase and because 
the acetone may evaporate, they will not have a disposal issue.

Have an environmentally safe day.

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From: "Tammy Allen" <tallen@co.pinellas.fl.us>, on 6/21/00 9:20 AM:

I do not even know if dumping acetone down the drain is a legal option.  
According to 40 CFR 261.68, this method of hazardous waste disposal appears 
to be not legal.  Plus the old addage, "dilution is not the solution" to 
pollution rings true.

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