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Re: Mercury in limestone, shale, natural gypsum, etc.?

Stacy...At 11:16 AM 6/23/00 -0400, Isaac, Stacey wrote:

>I'm working on a project (07620.003.075) to evaluate environmental issues
>related to mercury concentrations in coal combustion byproducts (fly ash,
>bottom ash, FGD residues, etc.)
>As part of the project, I'm hoping to get information on mercury
>concentrations in some of the natural materials for which these coal
>combustion byproducts might be substituted. The natural materials include
>limestone (as input to cement kilns,as an agricultural soil amendment, and
>other uses), shale, natural gypsum (as used in wallboard, for example), etc.
>Has anyone done any work where you've looked at mercury in any of these
>naturally occuring materials? If so, could you contact me?

You could call ( 703-243-5463 ) the National Lime Association located in 
Alexandria, VA and ask to chat with one of their technical experts.  Or 
phone Mr. Lance Olson, VP of Marblehead Lime Company located near Chicago, 
Illinois.  Lance is a chemist by trade and his phone number is:  708-757-6200.


Mark Reider