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[Fwd: RE: Pesticide Sales Ban--Dursban (Chlorpyrifos)

I found another IPM sight that some of you may want to check.  Let me know
if anyone finds it "incorrect".   It's from the Normtwest Coalition for
Alterntives to Pesticides
We are drafting a press release regarding the ban to:

inform residents what to look for on their shelves at home and about proper
disposal at our HHW facilities.

encourage businesses and residents to review pesticide usage by
professionals they contract with.

prompt residents to request information on what is used at their parks,
schools, daycare facilities etc and to make sure they are aware of the ban.

Promote our IPM book and existing IPM websites. 

>>> "Kelly D. Moran" <kmoran@tdcenvironmental.com> 06/12/00 01:44PM >>>
Gina Purin from Marin County California notes that one of the three web
sites I mentioned in the previous note
(www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/selectnewpest.home.html) has some out of date
(and perhaps misleading) information regarding the use of chemical
pesticides to control certain pests.  Based on this and my own more
detailed review of those fact sheets, I do not suggest that you
recommend that site to residents or businesses.  As far as I can tell,
the information at that site about non-chemical controls is relatively

accurate, although lacking some recent information regarding newer
non-toxic or least-toxic pest control methods.  My apologies for the bad

Kelly Moran
TDC Environmental