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Re: health effects of diesel

You might try the following:

1.  www.nrdc.org   National Resources Defense Council, Look under air
pollution for their report on diesel air pollution

2.  www.dieselpub.com  This gives an industry view with a lot of other web

3.  www.me.umn.edu/centers/cdr/index.html This is the Center for Diesel
Research at the University of Minnesota.   

Dr. Kittleson at the Center is doing some of the most advanced work on
modern diesel engines and the pollution they produce.   Important to
Kittleson's work is he has found modern, clean burning diesel engines
produce a large number of ultrafine particles in the exhaust.   These
ultrafine particles are expected to be highly toxic, have a long residence
time in the air, and are invisible.   They are a new form of air pollution
and may be a substantial contributor to the asthma epidemic.

4.  Health Effects Institute, Cambridge, Mass has done a number of papers
on the composition of diesel exhaust and some of the anticipated health
effects from it.

5. There is an organization called VERT in Europe that has been
investigating diesel pollution and methods of controlling it.   There are
several papers by this organization available from the Society of
Automotive Engineers.

6. Useful introductory papers to the ultrafine particle issue are:

A.  Mayer A, Matter U.  VERT: Diesel nano-particulate emissions: properties
and reduction strategies.   SAE Technical Paper 980539, February, 1998.

B.  Kittleson DB.   Engines and nanoparticles: a review.   J Aerosol Sci.
1998; 29;5/6:575-88.

C.  Donaldson K, Li XY, Mac Nee W.   Ultrafine (nanometre) particle
mediated lung injury.   J Aerosol Sci.  1998;29;5/6:553-560

D.  Peters A, Wichmann HE, et al.   Respiratory effects are associated with
the number of ultrafine particles.   Am J Respir Crit Care Med.

I have been researching the health effects of diesel exhaust for 8 years
and have provided expert testimony to a number of organizations.

Craig Stead, PE
Putney, Vermont
Tel: 802-387-4748
Fax: 802-387-4511
email: cstead@sover.net


At 05:23 PM 6/23/00 -0400, you wrote:
>	Hi everyone, 
>	I am looking for information on the health effects of diesel. I've
>searched the CARB, SCAQMD, EPA, and ED (formerly EDF) websites and have
>found some interesting documents. However, if anyone know of any studies,
>fact sheets, etc. out there, please let me know. Thanks! 
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