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emissions from heat treatment of steel

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To: p2tech@great-lakes.net
From: "Tuttle, Tim" <TTuttle@CMCSCR.ORG>
Subject: emissions from heat treatment of steel

We heat-treat steel parts by quenching the red-hot parts in a tank of oil.
This creates a lot of smoke, which we collect with a fiberglass filter.  The
state environmental department is reviewing our application for a Synthetic
Minor (Title V) permit.  We have been asked to provide emission data from
this operation, both before and after the filter. 

I haven't had any luck finding anything we can use in AP-42.  Does anyone
have any suggestions of how we can estimate the emissions from this process,
short of stack testing?

Thanks for any help.

Tim Tuttle
Chief Engineer
Scranton Army Ammunition Plant
Scranton, PA
e-mail: tuttlet@ioc.army.mil