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Re: P2 for laboratories

"Laboratory Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention, A Guide for Teachers", Battelle, March 1996.  A copy is available at 
[ http://www.p2pays.org/ref/01/text/00779/ch01.htm ].

There's an outstanding book available from CRC Press:  "Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization in Laboratories" by P.A. Reinhardt, K.L. Leonard, and P.C. Ashbrook (CRC Press, 1996; ISBN 0-87371-975-1). 

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>>> "Helen Miller" <Helen.Miller@epa.state.oh.us> 06/27 8:50 AM >>>
I am assisting a facility that has a good size laboratory.  I am interested in P2 documents or web sites that the faciltiy might find helpful.  I am aware that US EPA has a document "Environmental Management Guide for Small Laboratories."  I would appreciate any leads on web sites or other references.  Thanks

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