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Re: List of states using retired persons to supplement theirP2 services


We have had a program in California for nearly two years. Our services are offered to not only to those in California, but to all in EPA Region 9. In addition, we try to assist those on P2tech when we can. 

You can find us at P2 Information Research Services on http://www.westp2net.org or go directly to our site at http://www.westp2net.org/News/DTSC%20Engineers.htm. At that site you can download our brochure for more details. 

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

Bob Lanphear                                 
Western Regional P2                        
Information Clearinghouse                 
P.O. Box 806
Sacramento, CA 95812-0806
(fx) (916) 327-4494

We provide a free, confidential ,
non-regulatory P2 research service.

>>> "Hillenbrand, Steve" <sjhillenbrand@tva.gov> 06/27/00 05:06AM >>>
I trying to compile a list of states that have a program (government or
private) that uses retired persons to deliver technical and other P2
assistance to their industry.  The following is what I have so far.

> Below is a list of states with retiree programs providing resources to
> promote P2 that I have heard about.  Please suggest additions and
> deletions as you know them.  I know that there are some states that used
> to have programs, but I am not including them.
> On-going programs
> AL
> MS
> SC
> NC
> FL
> MI
> IA
> VT
> Proposed programs
> IN

Steve Hillenbrand
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