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Management of Highway Water Run-off

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Please forgive me if this post is out of range for this list serve.  

The folks in Israel who are trying to stop construction of a major hway 
are URGENTLY looking for an engineer with experience in the management of
run off water.  They need his/her help in preparation for a Supreme Court
Appeal based on the effects of the highway on Israel's serious water

Any leads would be greatly appreciated: Corrigott@juno.com

Thanks, Corri Beth Levine Gottesman

We have filed a supreme court sue against the Trans Israel Highway
requesting them and the government to explain how they are going to
protect the ground water from runoff. It appears that unless we come up
with BMP solutions and present them to the governmental officials, the
government will support the highway plan to drain the runoff to the
closest rivers, without any special treatment, and without guarding the
ground water. Israelis don't have any experience with this sort of work,
and the Ministry of health and Ministry of Environment are completely
ignorant, and lazy to search for BMP solutions. Israel is in a critical
water situation. There isn't enough water to pass this summer and lots
of wells have been closed down due to contamination. Israel will start
in a few weeks to import water from Turkey.
We desperately need an expert that will write an opinion letter as to
what is the best way to protect the ground water from highway runoff.
Can you help us anyhow?

Thank you very much,

Uri Shanas.

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