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Outlets for Air Products waste streams

Hi.  My name is Jennifer Stroka, and I am an intern for the Northeast
Regional DEP.  I am working in the OPPCA (Office of Pollution Prevention and
Compliance Assistance) program for the summer.  One of the projects that I
am working on is to find an outlet for five different waste streams of Air
Products--they produce specialty gases.  They are as follows:

*	Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) with the metal contaminants of nickel,
iron, and copper.  They produce 720,000 lbs/month which is being recycled.
Some uses of pure KOH include bleaching, in soap manufacture, electrolyte in
alkaline storage batteries, electroplating, and mercerizing.  Perhaps would
there be a method of removing nickel, iron, and copper from the waste
process stream.  
*	Ammonium bifluoride.  7-8 million lbs produced per year.  Some uses
are oil well acidizing, electronic, metal cleaners, cleaning quartz windows,
glass etchant/frosting, and wood preservative.
*	Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid (18% HCl).  Uses: acidizing of petroleum
wells, boiler scale removal, ore reduction, food processing, pickling and
metal cleaning
*	Acetonitrile.  Acetonitrile is used as a solvent, an intermediate, a
catalyst, in the separation of fatty acids from vegetable oils, and in the
manufacturing of synthetic pharmaceuticals.  
*	Spent Carbon blades used in fluorine production.

	Currently we are researching outlets and reuse options for these
waste streams.  If anyone has information concerning any of these, please
contact me by email at <NEOPPCA.Intern@dep.state.pa.us>.  It would be
greatly appreciated.  
Thank you,
Jen Stroka
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