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RE: Air Products Waste Streams

Dear Colleagues,

Would anyone be able to provide some pollution prevention / in-process
recycling techniques for Jennifer?  I am hoping the NE Regional personnel
can incorporate some  positive P2 approaches to the business.
Unfortunately, I can't provide any specifics about the industrial processes
using the chemicals discussed below in Jennifer's message.

If you need more specifics, please contact Jennifer through
warnick.janet@dep.state.pa.us or agustini.dino@dep.state.pa.us  or me at

Thank you in advance for any and all help you all can provide.	
	Jo Anne Gordon		PA DEP - OPPCA	15th Floor RCSOB
Harrisburg  PA
	717-787-0121	fax 717-783-2703	Email

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> Tuesday, June 27, 2000 3:43 PM
> To:	OPPCA Central Office; OPPCA Regional Staff   	Cc:	Warnick,
> Janet; Hastings, Mary; Agustini, Dino
> Subject:	Air Products Waste Streams
> Hi.  My name is Jennifer Stroka.  I am an intern for the Northeast
> Pennsylvania DEP in the OPPCA program for Janet Warnick.  
> Last week on June 19, the Northeast Regional DEP and OPPCA participated in
> a preapplication conference with a business located in NE Pennsylvania.
> Among the discussion of the project overview/timeline and the regulatory
> impact/strategy, OPPCA and the firm talked about their five different
> waste streams.  They are as follows: 
> 	*	Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) with the metal contaminants of Ni,
> Fe, and Cu.  They produce 720,000 lbs/month.  Some uses of pure KOH
> include bleaching, in soap manufacture, electrolyte in alkaline storage
> batteries, electroplating, and mercerizing.  
> 	*	Ammonium bifluoride.  7-8 million lbs produced per year.
> Some uses are oil well acidizing, electronic, metal cleaners, cleaning
> quartz windows, glass etchant/frosting, and wood preservative.
> 	*	Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid (18% HCl).  Uses: acidizing of
> petroleum wells, boiler scale removal, ore reduction, food processing,
> pickling and metal cleaning
> 	*	Acetonitrite???  Acetonitrile however is used as a solvent,
> an intermediate, a catalyst, in the separation of fatty acids from
> vegetable oils, and in the manufacturing of synthetic pharmaceuticals.  
> 	*	Spent Carbon blades used in fluorine production.
> Currently we are researching outlets and reuse options for these waste
> streams.  If anyone has information concerning any of these, please
> contact me by email.  It would be greatly appreciated.  
> Thank you,
> Jen Stroka
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