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Re: Versol

I think the spelling in the US is Varsol.  If the same, it is
a mixture of mineral spirits/stoddard solvent.  In the past
it contained some aromatics, but I think the formulation changed
more than five years ago.  Check the MSDS.

Dr. Henry Boyter, Jr. Ph.D. Chemist

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purposes only and should not be used as advice. No
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If Versol doesn't fit the need you have you might want to try the Ecolink
site, www.ecolink.com.  They have a great site which provides not only
product information but also case studies by industry.  You might be able to
find a product which has been used by others in a similar use.

If you don't find a specific material the Ecolink folks are good to work
with and may know of a product which will work for you.

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> Dear P2Techers,
> I am looking for technical information regarding a product called Versol
> which could replace MEK (methylethylketone) for surface washing /
> preparation prior to painting.  The kind of technical information needed
> includes product's chemical components, performance for replacing MEK,
> volatility and physico-chemical properties, « environmental friendliness »
> or environmental impact.
> Thanks in advance.
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