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RE: Industrial Water Conservation Plans

In a recent post to this list, Jancie Hatcher (p2ad@ix.netcom.com) asked, in

> I've had a request from an inorganic chemical
> manufacturer for sample water conservation plans.

Jancie --

I've taken the liberty of forwarding your request to the ChemAlliance
Regulatory Issues list server, chemalliance@lists.lyris.net  This list is
operated by the ChemAlliance Compliance Assistance Center,
www.chemalliance.org.  Because the audience of this list is principally
people working in or with the chemical process industries, it can be a good
source of information for inquiries like yours.

For any P2TECH'ers who work with the chemical process industries (including
organic/inorganic bulk and fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemical
transportation and storage, and related industries), I strongly encourage
you to join the list -- we could use your participation, and I think you'd
find it a valuable resource in your TA work.   While ChemAlliance is
oestensibly a compliance assistance site, we try our best to bring a P2
flavor to the discussions.

You can find out more about the list, and/or join the list, via our web
interface at:  http://www.chemalliance.org/Lists/listinfo.htm

Hope this helps.

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