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(Fwd) grants

I am forwarding this request from a friend who is not a member of 
this listserve.  If anyone can help her, could you please send replys 
directly to her?  Thanks,
Sherry Davis

Subject:        	grants
Date sent:      	Wed, 28 Jun 2000 12:08:27 -0500

Hello friends -

Do you know of any grants "out there" that I could apply for to assist me in
the piloting of alternative fuels on our city fleet vehicles?  We're looking
at ethanol, propane and down the road, perhaps, natural gas.  Also, we're
interested in piloting biodiesel on some of our diesel units.  Any scraps
thrown my way would be appreciated!  Also, I don't have any contacts in the
Energy Office of EPA - do any of you?  If so, I'd appreciate a lead.

Mollie Mangerich
City of Lawrence
Waste Reduction and Recycling Division
(785) 832-3026 (phone)
(785) 832-3056 (fax)



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