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P2 Challenge Programs

(As usual, sorry for cross-postings!)

Hi everyone.  We (CA Dept of Toxics P2 Program) have made several queries
to these lists about voluntary pollution prevention programs.  Mostly, we
focused on awards and recognition programs.   This time, I would like to
get information specifically about challenge programs--like the USEPA's
33/50 program, which invited companies to help the agency meet specific
pollution prevention goals.  Recognition was a part of the program, of
course, but not the sole element.  The purpose of a challenge program is to
cause increased pollution prevention--and recognize the results--not just
reward activities that have already taken place.

If you know of or operate such a program, we would appreciate information.
Please respond to this list, or if you would rather respond off-line,
respond to Joel Blood here at DTSC. You can reach Joel at (916) 445-2948,
or email at jblood@dtsc.ca.gov.  (I will be out of the office from 7/7
through 7/14 and Joel has agreed to follow up on this information.)

Thanks in advance!!