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Re: Electronic components

The MDEQ EAD recycling website at http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/recycle/recylink.html#ELECTRONICS includes links to several major electronics recycling programs.  

You may also want to see our fact sheets on electronics recycling and disposal at 
http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/pub/tas/elecequp.pdf and handling spent electic lamps at 

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>>> "Marlyn Aguilar" <maguilar@eha.health.state.hi.us> 07/07 11:10 AM >>>
Hi again!

Does anyone have more information on computer monitors (CRTs), 
circuit boards, other electronic components and how they should 
handled and/or disposed?  I know that some states have banned 
disposal.  In the past, we've suggested recycling or reuse. There's 
also some concern that some of the components may be 
considered hazardous waste.  What are other states doing to address 
this issue and what options are available?  

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Marlyn Aguilar
Hawaii Dept of Health
Waste Minimization Coordinator