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Re: P2 & Printing & Procurement

I'm sure you will find plenty of valuable., pertinent information at the 
Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center (www.pneac.org).

To answer your specific suggestions:
Check out the collection of fact sheets and case studies for the type(s) of 
printing you are interested in.  Please be aware that "the printing 
industry" actually comprises many different types of processes, 
technologies and products, with major differences in the materials used and 
associated impacts.

It might be good to first review EPA's "Printing Industry and Use Cluster 
Profile," which you will find a link to at 
At the same location, you will find a link to the "Print Buyer Guidelines," 
developed by the Minnesota Environmental Initiative.

The entire PNEAC Web site is searchable to help you zero in on the info you 

Call or e-mail me directly if you can't find what you're looking for.

-Wayne Pferdehirt

At 03:25 PM 7/10/2000 -0400, Susan Blachman wrote:
>We are working on a project to determine how to get more printers to
>participate in local Green Business Programs.
>For this project we are seeking data and studies on the environmental
>and human health effects of the chemicals and processes used by the
>printing industry.  Any help you could provide would be much
>Also, we are trying to find environmentally preferred purchasing policy
>language used by government agencies and large corporations that favor
>service providers who do P2.  Do you know of any organizations which
>give preference to businesses that do P2?  We've found lots of sources
>for EPPs that encourage use of recycled materials, but few that look at
>service providers.
>Please send your responses to:
>Julia Laurin at julialaurin@hotmail.com
>Thank you,
>Susan Blachman
>Environmental Finance Center, Region IX
>851 West Midway Avenue
>Alameda, CA 94501-5012
>phone: 510-653-8797
>fax: 510-451-4115
>working for cleaner communities through cleaner business

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