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Re: EPP workshop in the making

Rick -

A EPP for Local Governments workshop will be held at the Great Lakes 
Regional P2 Roundtable Summer Conference on August 29th in Indianapolis, IN.

Bruce Suits from the City of Cincinnati, Steve Brachman from U of W - 
SHWEC, and Tom Hersey from Erie County, NY will present the training.

For more information/details any of the three could provide additional 
details - I have copied Bruce & Tom on this e-mail.

Deb Jacobson
GLRPPR Executive Director

At 03:33 PM 6/28/00 -0500, Rick_Yoder/CBA/UNO/UNEBR@unomail.unomaha.edu wrote:
>Sorry for the cross-posting.
>Who has done or will be doing an environmentally preferably purchasing
>workshop/seminar in '99 or '00?  Would you be willing to share your 
>Favorite resources?
>One of the P2 service providers here in Region 7 has one in the making, it 
>to me that there's an opportunity to build the P2 emphasis over the "buy
>recycled" side of the education to be provided.
>We already know of, but aren't yet completely familiar with the content or the
>links from these sites:
>-  NACO starter kit - http://www.naco.org/programs/environ/purchase.cfm
>-  EPA EPP - www.epa.gov/dfe/epp and http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/epp/
>-  GSA - http://www.gsa.gov/planetgsa/buy/buy.htm
>-  USAF Affirmative Procurement - http://www.afcee.brooks.af.mil/eq/ap/gg/ and
>-  MARC - http://www.marc.org/green.htm
>-  GreenSeal - http://www.greenseal.org/
>Other than that, we haven't done a search for information - this request is
>intended to find the favorite resources of those who have just delivered 
>or are
>about to deliver a workshop.
>As you can see, most of the above resources are very much public sector
>oriented.  I believe the audience for the upcoming EPP is more for the
>small-medium sized businesses, those not so much driven by public procurement
>I know there is a great deal of successful effort in the building and
>construction arena - but I think this audience would be more interested with
>maintenance/operations building-owner issues - contracts/specifications
>pertaining to paints/coatings and energy use as examples rather than new
>building specs.
>In my dream P2 world realm, I personally would like to see a purchasing guide
>recommendation that our Small Business Development Center counselors would
>cheerfully hand out to the businesses as a way to save money....  Something to
>gear them up for P2 week...
>Rick Yoder
>NBDC, Nebraska MEP, P2RIC

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