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Re: P2 & Printing & Procurement

Hi Julia,

I received the posting on the P2 tech list serve and wanted to share what we are doing here in Michigan. The Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality has voluntary P2 partnership called the MI Great Printer Project for printers. (Printers sign on by committing to three P2 goals, among other things.) 

One of the program components is for Great Printer BUYERS. MI-GPP buyers are organizations that have committed to buying from a MI-Great Printer. The MI-GPP homepage, http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/p2sect/migpp/ has a listing of the buyers (under "Who are MI-GPP buyers") as well as draft language for buyers to use in developing a commitment to purchase from MI-GPPers (under "How to become a MI-GPP Printer Buyer.")

Hope this helps.

Jenna Latt
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
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>>> "Susan Blachman" <sblachman@bay.csuhayward.edu> 07/10 3:25 PM >>>

We are working on a project to determine how to get more printers to 
participate in local Green Business Programs.

For this project we are seeking data and studies on the environmental 
and human health effects of the chemicals and processes used by the 
printing industry.  Any help you could provide would be much 

Also, we are trying to find environmentally preferred purchasing policy 
language used by government agencies and large corporations that favor 
service providers who do P2.  Do you know of any organizations which 
give preference to businesses that do P2?  We've found lots of sources 
for EPPs that encourage use of recycled materials, but few that look at 
service providers.

Please send your responses to:
Julia Laurin at julialaurin@hotmail.com 

Thank you,
Susan Blachman
Environmental Finance Center, Region IX
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